Fenofibrates and Niacin:
The Hard Facts

You may be taking fenofibrates or niacin to lower your lipids.12 But you should know:

Fenofibrates and niacin, when used with statins, aren't FDA-approved to reduce cardiovascular (CV) risk.12

There isn’t enough evidence to prove that fenofibrates and niacin offer additional CV benefit when used with a statin.34

That’s not all—the FDA actually withdrew approval for fenofibrates and niacin in combination with statins, because the risk outweighed the benefit.12

This means that the risk of a side effect is too high to justify using them.12

Work with your doctor on a proven plan to reduce your risk.

That's why the American Diabetes Association (ADA) stated34:

Combining niacin and fenofibrates with statins is generally not recommended. In fact, niacin in combination with statins may increase the risk of stroke with additional side effects.

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